how to find axis bank near me .i want to find axis bank branch. Is Axis Bank available in my closest location, so if you’re looking for something like this, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will be shown a map of all the Axis Bank branches and ATMs near you. Along with this, you will also get many information related to Axis Bank.


You will be able to easily find Axis Bank through the exact map present on this site, but if you apply advanced search filters like city name, zip code, area, then you will be shown the exact map in the result. For this, you have to visit the official Bank Branch & ATM Locator page of Axis Bank. ( . )

axis bank near me


Axis Bank Limited is an Indian banking and financial services company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It sells financial services to large and medium-sized companies, SMEs and retail businesses. It is one of the most popular banks in India.


If you want to contact Axis Bank for whatever reason you want to inquire about your account, inquire about loan or any other information you can get about Axis Bank. I am giving you below customer service phone number.

Hours: Opens at 09:30 AM


Axis Bank in India is also closed on all festivals but I want to tell you that only offline branch of Axis Bank remains closed during festivals, you can access all types of online banking services like net banking at all.

Axis Bank Holiday in India

Republic Day26 January 2022 Tuesday
Holi29 March 2022Monday
Good Friday2 April 2022Friday
Ram Navami21 April 2022Wednesday
Eid-ul-Fitr13 May 2022Thursday
Buddha Purnima26 May 2022 Saturday
Bakrid/Eid-al-Adha20 July 2022Tuesday
Independence Day15 August 2022Sunday
Muharram19 August 2022Thursday
Janmashtami30 August 2022Monday
Gandhi Jayanti2 October 2022 Saturday
Vijaya Dashami/Dussehra15 October 2022Friday
Diwali4 November 2022 Thursday
Guru Nanak Jayanti19 November 2022Friday
Christmas Day25 December 2022Saturday


Is Axis Bank FDIC insured?

Yes Axis Bank is an FDIC insured . Axis Bank deposits in bank failure receive full FDIC coverage of up to $250,000 per depositor for each account ownership category.

How to open Axis bank account?

Use the map above to visit to the nearest Axis Bank location.
You need your Adhar card or tax identification number (pan card ) or current driver’s license or passport to open an account.
Two passport size photographs will be required as proof of identity.
You must deposit at least Rs 10,000 into your Axis Bank current account.

Can I open zero balance account in Axis Bank?

Axis Bank allow to its users open a savings bank account and you can choose the option best suited to your needs: such as discounts and offers on e-commerce and shopping for digital savings account users, or a basic savings account. Account which grants you zero balance facility.

An initial deposit of $150 is required to open an current account in Axis Bank. but

What is the minimum balance in Axis?

An initial deposit of $150 is required to open an current account in Axis Bank. but not for saving account . you can open zero balanced saving account.

What happens if minimum balance is not maintained in Axis Bank?

If customers are unable to maintain the monthly balance limit, the bank will levy a penalty of Rs 10 for shortfall of Rs 100.

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